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The world in which all my stories take place is an earth much like ours - though a few things are different. Aside from the obvious - which is that the dominating species happens to be anthropomorphic animals - magic exists alongside advanced technology such as space-travel. Neighbouring planets include several moons as well as a Saturn-like planet with a prominent ring system which can be seen even during the day. The world isn't split into several continents but instead consists of one super continent like our earth's Palaeozoic, early Mesozoic Pangea, though the country in which all of my characters live is merely a small part of it called the Palego Isles


  1. Terraquanima

    • The Palego Isles

      • Plains

        • Melorth​

        • Phoxshire

        • Helleboredale

        • Cinderpine Forest

        • Fenlington Forest

        • Snowdrop Valley

        • Frostwillow Grove

        • Palmtide Bay

        • Mellvere City

        • Bone-Prairie Hills

        • Bronze Barrens

        • Sandstone City

        • Witherscorch

        • Eisenfort

      • Ocean Territory

        • Aegan city

        • Coral Isles

        • Prism Reef

        • Mt Indigo

      • Skylands 

        • Shamrock Peak

        • Falkenberg

        • Astromerias

  2. Trivia

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Pangea (1).jpg

Map of Terraquanima


Terraquanima's neighbouring planets visible during both day and night


Terraquanima (from latin: terra = earth, aqua = water and animalis = animal) - though usually shortened to just "terra" is the name of the planet all my stories take place in. It's inhabited by anthropomorphic animals ("anifolk") and all sorts of magical critters. The planet features one massive landmass called Pangea, as well as many magical, floating sky islands. The watery depths of the oceans are also inhabited. Magic exists alongside technology on this planet though it is regulated differently from city to city. The currency used on terraquanima is called "units". Technology is quite far advanced, with space travel being as normalised and affordable as flying an airplane. The calendar in use by the anifolk is called the Gaian Calendar, with the current year being 12,023 AE ("anifolk era").

  • The Palego Isles

The Palego Isles (from archipelago = an extensive group of islands) often shortened to "Palego" is where all my characters live, it is located on the Eurasian part of the pangea landmass. It features a variety of biomes, ranging anywhere between lush forests to ice-cold tundras and scorching deserts. The Palego isles are divided between plains, ocean territory and skylands.


The plains are the most widely inhabited areas.

​- Melorth

Melorth is a fairly large town in the centre of the Palego Isles. It's famous for having the second best magic schools and universities.   

- Phoxshire

Info soon

- Helleboredale

Info soon

- Cinderpine Forest

Cinderpine Forest is - as the name might suggest - a forest town full of cinderpine tree homes. It's where Flo was born and her parents still reside. Cinderpine Forest's primary export are Pine-Apples

- Fenlington Forest

Fenlington Forest is an enchanted forest that took over a city once known as Fenlington, a large city that attempted to become as modern as Mellvere City - with the exception of working harmoniously with magic, a practice outlawed in Mellvere - and for good reason. Expanding Fenlington meant cutting down much of its surrounding forest - which angered the spirits as the homes of many critters was destroyed in the process. Eventually the forest began to become alive and take back its home, forcing the inhabitants of Fenlington to abandon the city. As a result many of the skycrapers and buildings there became overgrown with massive trees and vines. It is now home to runaways and spiritual anifolk looking for solitude in the ruins of the once great city, away from any and all technology.   

- Snowdrop Valley

Info Soon 

- Frostwillow Grove

Info Soon 

- Palmtide Bay

Palmtide Bay is a beach town and home to the biggest harbour in all of Palego. They offer underwater ferry-like submarine rides to visit underwater places such as Aegan City or Prism Reef.

- Mellvere City

Mellvere City is a very large, technologically advanced city and home to the biggest spaceport in Palego. Upon entering the city, anifolks will be stripped of their magical abilities - with the insertion of a microchip to the neck - as magic was made illegal upon the city's construction. This was mainly to keep magical spirits from interfering with the construction of skyscrapers and destruction of natural habitats. However, said chip will disable and dissolve upon leaving Mellvere City again. Similar technology is used on Eisenfort inmates


While the centre of Mellvere is rather wealthy and safe, the surrounding districts are much poorer and often subjected to gang violence and cybernetic monsters. The most northern district in particular is the poorest and most dangerous districts of them all, as it is the primary dumping ground for dangerous technological waste. The fluids that drains into the soil from these parts pollutes the water and home-grown plants and food, causing mutations in the flora, fauna and the inhabitants of the districts. Black market cyberware runs rampant in these districts and many are inflicted with viruses that cause cyberware parts to malfunction, often leading to cyberware parts permanently fusing to the body while toxic chemicals leak into the bloodstream, poisoning the user slowly. This is referred to as cybersickness and is the most common cause of death in Mellvere City's outer districts aside from the mutations, starvation and gang violence.

- Bone-Prairie Hills

Bone Prairie Hills is part of the Palego desert wasteland. It features a variety of very large animals' skeletal remains - a lot of which get turned into homes for anifolk that thrive in hot climates. 

- Bronze Barrens

Info Soon 

- Sandstone City

Sandstone City is a desert town. 

- Witherscorch

Witherscorch is part of a large desert, and one of the deadliest locations. Its black sand makes the heat particularly unbearable while the nights drop to freezing cold temperatures. And it wouldn't be extra deadly without some super sand-vipers and creepy crawlies, would it? Nevertheless it remains a popular destination for treasure seekers due to its valuable ores and bones, even if many meet their end on the way there - the skeletal remains of many unfortunate souls serve as a warning to anyone entering the Witherscorch desert. 

- Eisenfort 

Eisenfort is an island southwest of Mellvere City. It's where the Eisenfort prison is located, a high security prison for high risk, dangerous inmates.

Ocean Territory

The ocean territory is where water dwelling folks live.

- Aegan City

Aegan City is the largest underwater city and is easily accessible from Palmtide Bay's harbour with the help of submarines and / or diving equipment. 

- Mt Indigo

Mount Indigo is a large and active underwater volcano which also features a large, underwater cave system which holds many valuable crystals and gemstones. It is however riddled with steaming hot underwater geysers which make it difficult to acquire the aforementioned crystals. 

- Prism Reef

Prism Reef is a colourful underwater town featuring colourful flora and fauna.

- Coral Valley

Coral Valley is a small underwater town surrounded by beautiful, colourful coral. It does however also feature a collection of deadly "underwater lakes" called brine pools. Swimming in them without special equipment will result in toxic shock and death. 

Sky Islands

The sky islands or "skylands" are a collection of floating islands in the sky. They can only be reached via airships, airplanes, hot air balloons or by anifolk capable of flight such as birds, dragons and bats.

- Shamrock Peak

Shamrock Peak is a large, floating island west of Palego. It's most famous for its beautiful scenery featuring many rainbows and waterfalls, a lot of which flow down the cliff faces of the island.

- Falkenberg

Info Soon

- Astromerias

Astromerias is a magical, floating sky island eclipsed in eternal night. It is rich in magical energy due to the giant moonstone in the middle of Astromerias's temple, an ancient relic said to be responsible for keeping Astromerias shrouded in constant night-time and therefore increasing the magical energy for all those who draw their magical powers from the moon. 


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