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Polyamorous Pansexual

13 November 

Young Adult


 Cinderpine Forest




Florin Eridana Eventide (commonly known as Flo) is a hybrid witch residing in Melorth county. She is married to her husband Modig and wife Celeano with whom she shares her surname.


Flo has a small, slightly pear shaped cream coloured body. Her hair is short and dark to light brown. Her neck and shoulders have dark to light brown fur, featuring moon-like markings on her shoulder. Her tail is like that of a ring-tailed lemur, alternating between cream and shades of brown. She is often seen wearing her various piercings (eyebrow, industrial and nipple). She typically wears a binder to flatten her chest.


Flo is confident around those she knows but shy around strangers unless possessed, drunk or high. She can be flirty and cocky though she's truly a total goof at heart as well as a total clutz. She is loyal to her friends and family and quick to lose her temper when anyone she's close to gets hurt in any way. 


Flo was born with some magical ability due to being part dragon and has a knack for spell casting, though lacks the ability to memorise spells by heart. Some of her natural abilities include fire breathing as well as growing dragon wings from her back, allowing her to fly. She has also learned to master the ability to summon globtopi. She is proficient in casting low level spells as long as she has her grimoire and can fly a magic broom with no trouble. 


One night before an important exam Flo became desperate for

an increase in magical energy to heighten her chances of

passing the test. To do so she broke into the sacred library and

stole a dark magic grimoire, containing highly illegal spells that

can enhance a caster's natural abilities. One such spell is

called the purification spell, which draws power from the

Never-world, a realm of eternal spirits and demons. If done so

successfully you'll be able to temporarily drain power from a demon, which will increase a caster's magical ability tenfold. If you fail to do the spell correctly however you will be bound to whatever demon you summoned, which can either be a Succubus - a lustful demon - or or a Withersoul, a vengeful spirit. You will be indebted to them until they deem your soul "purified". Flo of course failed to do the spell properly and became indebted to a succubus named Peppy, a sheep-demon. She cursed Flo with a womb marking, which when active glows and increases Flo's lust. The effects will be felt until Flo seeks out one or several partners to have sexual intercourse with. During these periods Flo's magical abilities are also heightened. 


- Citrine Firestorm (ex-girlfriend)

Upon Flo's first day at Melorth University she was seated next to a a student named Citrine, a - from Flo's perspective - freakishly tall dragon gal known to cause mischief around campus. Citrine was known to be a rather poor student, often taking her magical

experiments to the extreme and performing dangerous and

complex spells, often landing her in detention and earning her

suspensions. The teachers hoped Flo to be a good influence

and Citrine did start to go slightly soft as she found herself

falling for her best friend one semester later. One night after

they snuck into the university pool the two of them ended up

in a steamy make out session in the shower after which they

started to go out but the relationship wouldn't last long. A prank Citrine pulled on an old bully of hers ended up nearly fatal, causing her to be threatened with permanent suspension. Citrine suggested they both run off to Fenlington Forest, a dangerous and magical place where they wouldn't get found - but Flo declined, as she had hope that the dragon lass could still turn her life around. Both furious and disappointed that Flo wouldn't accept Citrine for the dragon she was she left in the dead of night, leaving only a small goodbye note for a heartbroken Flo to find in the morning.

- Aubrey Balfour (ex-lover)

When the lease for the temporary accommodation Flo was staying at during her studies at Melorth came to an end she was forced to take on a part-time job as a maid at the Balfour residence, for a family known for their immense wealth. She worked for Mrs

Aubrey who Flo soon discovered to be quite a promiscuous lady.

Aubrey flirted heavily with Flo throughout the day while she was

trying to fulfil her duties, something Flo found tedious at first as

shedidn't seek a relationship after her last one had failed.

However , soon Aubrey made it clear that she merely sought a

companion to have fun with and offered Flo additional pay in

exchange for two nights spent together every week, a promotion Flo was eager to accept not just for the money but also for the fun of it. When Flo's time at Melorth University ended and she accepted an apprenticeship at Astromerias' famous library the relationship with Aubrey also came to an end. Their relationship ended on good terms, with Aubrey embracing Flo, telling her that she'd remember their time together fondly and that she wishes her the best of luck for her future.

- Celeano Pleiades & Modig Eventide (wife and husband)

Flo met Modig and Celeano while visiting Astromerias to continue her studies as a witch apprentice at the library owned by Modig's father. Both Modig and Celeano were already dating prior to meeting Florin. The three of them got to know each other during Flo's apprenticeship, often meeting at the library to study together.

Eventually the three of them got married at Astromeria's moon-temple and they've been living happily at a small residence in Melorth ever since.

- Others

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  • Flo's middle name "Eridana" is a reference to the Epsilon Eridani star system

  • Flo loves all things chocolate, her favourite sweet dishes include the Chocomisu, Chocolate Mochi and Chocolate Frappes

  • Later in Flo's timeline she becomes a mum to a daughter called Finley

  • Flo's favourite fruit are Pine-Apples and Bibble Berries

  • Flo enjoys Dazelnut flavoured things

  • Flo has ADHD

  • Flo's tail is often seen done up into a bun, with hair sticks helping to keep it secure

  • Flo actually has small horns that aren't visible due to her long hair, though they grow in size when she's enraged or takes her dragon-esque form 

  • Flo has a very long tongue, another one of her dragon features

  • Flo is able to grow wings on her back when taking on her dragon-esque form

  • Flo's eyes glow a purple-yellow colour when she's doing magic of any kind 

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